From 30 m²
1-3 months

NAFFCO MODULAR small clinics have a modular assembly, allowing them to be deployed even in disaster-struck areas, war zones, or refugee colonies.

They can be deployed rapidly, only requiring minimal on-site construction for foundations and joinery between modules. The prefabrication takes place in controlled factory environments to ensure an optimum level of construction quality and hygiene.Then they can be installed and assembled with limited labor and machinery.

The units come equipped with a doctor consultation room,advance emergency care, reception, and toilet facilities. The clinics can serve as community health centers, pandemic response and mitigation centers, first aid and medical facilities,and natural disaster response to accommodate patients with injuries or illness needing short term confinement.

  • Community health clinic
  • Retail clinics
  • Pandemic response and mitigation
  • First Aid & Medical facilities
  • Military and war zones
  • Natural disaster response