Starting from 500m²
From 3 months

Our MODULAR PUMP ROOM, the Modular MPH, is a factory engineered and manufactured, stand-alone, UL-Listed mechanical room for use in any commercial, industrial, or municipal fluid handling application.

It includes your choice of pumps, valves, fittings, and can include hydronic accessories such as expansion tanks and air separators as well as electrical components such as VFDs, control panel and power distribution. Our modular pump rooms are designed for either new construction or retrofit.

We build our standard NAFFCO MODULAR MPH with 2″  thick wall and roof panels with an R-value of 13 and a flat exterior profile with a heavy embossed texture and customize, if requested, we also offer a variety of colours and architectural panels. Each pump house contains lights, receptacles, and standard access doors and panels for equipment servicing as needed.