MOBILE HEALTHCARE UNITS provide access to healthcare in the remotest locations and outreach projects when permanent installations are not feasible, and allow speedy responses to natural (hurricanes, tornado’s, earth quakes, typhoons, etc.) and man made disasters (war damages or terrorist attacks). As a longstanding community-based service delivery model, they fill gaps in the healthcare safety-net, reaching social economically undeserved populations in both urban and rural areas.
NAFFCO Mobile Medical Hospitals/Units come in all shapes and sizes, from self-propelled vans and chassis, to towed trailers, containers, and semi-trailer configurations. Each unit is equipped with state-of-the art facilities that rival, and in many cases, surpass existing First World operating facilities.
NAFFCO understands that each customer has unique requirements, which is why we do not believe in providing standardized designs. Our mobile, modular, turn-key field hospitals are rapidly deployable and can be tailor-made to fit any medical specifications. Our innovative mobile healthcare solutions offer you a product that’s ready for use no matter what you’re facing.

  • Community health clinic
  • Retail clinics
  • Pandemic response and mitigation
  • First Aid & Medical facilities
  • Military and war zones
  • Natural disaster response