Starting from 100m²
From 2 months

NAFFCO MODULAR designs, manufacture supplies and install prefab Ball room in UAE. Our modular ball room are well equipped with prayer area,  ablution area and toilets . It has all the physical features of a prefab mosque, such as a towering minaret and ceiling with modern architecture.

The community developers are supposed to provide all the residents’ and visitors’ general facilities in the mosque. Most of them don’t have a mosque, and they make some  arrangements, which is hardly sufficient, especially on Fridays and Ramadan. The lack of mosques is a primary concern for many residents in the country. And  we have  a solution for that.

Prefab mosques are prefabricated volumetric modules converted into  mosques. The prefabricated modules   versatility will make it one of the excellent products to use for space-related issues. They are durable, flexible, long-lasting, and can withstand the Middle East region’s harsh weather. Different sizes of prefabricated mosques are available, the small one can cater to 20 people, the medium size one for 30-40 people and the large mosque for 90-146 people.